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Flash Transition Timeline

To keep the lengths of time in perspective, I’ve put together this timeline from the end of Geoff Johns’ well-regarded run on The Flash through several relaunches and two Crises to next year’s Flash: Rebirth. I’ve taken the cover dates from the GCD and shifted them back two months, since that seems to track with the release dates that I remember.

Dates Span Issues Description
August 2005 Flash #225 Geoff Johns’ last issue.
September 2005–January 2006 5 months Flash #226–230 Wrap up Wally (Cavalieri w/Lightle)
February–May 2006 4 months No Flash Comics
June 2006–January 2007 8 months Flash: TFMA #1–8 Bart as the main Flash (Bilson & De Meo)
February–June 2007 5 months Flash: TFMA Wrap up Bart (Guggenheim)
July 2007 1 month All-Flash Wrap up loose ends from “Full Throttle”
August 2007–August 2008 13 months Flash #231–243 Wally & the Flash Family (Waid, Peyer w/Champagne)
September–December 2008 4 months Flash #244–247 Wrap up Wally Again (Burnett)
January–March 2009 3 months No Flash Comics
April–September(?) 2009 6 months Flash: Rebirth

So from the point DC essentially gave up on Wally’s series (September 2005) to the point that DC will stake everything on a relaunch with Barry (April 2009, assuming it doesn’t get delayed) we’re looking at 3½ years. The longest run of a series during that time would be All-Flash with Flash #231–347 — just 1½ years, of which barely one year focused heavily on Iris and Jai West. (Alan Burnett or his editor shoved the kids off to the side pretty quickly when he came on board to do the wrap-up.)