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Infinite Crisis MOBA Game Featuring The Flash Announced


DC Comics is finally diving into the MOBA game genre with Infinite Crisis. Brought to us by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turbine Studios, the game is set to debut in the Fall.

Now for those unfamiliar with MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games they are typically free to play and money is usually made off of micro-transactions within the game. Meaning smaller fees here and there to access additional content as opposed to one large lump fee in the beginning. Most usually don’t require you to pay to enjoy the game, but if you want any additional bells and whistles (often additional uniforms, powers or special content) you would have to pay.

MOBA games are essentially action real-time strategy games but with the multiplayer aspect amped up. Instead of controlling large groups or squads you control one character and work together along with other human characters to complete objectives and challenge each other in combat. They often feature role-playing elements like leveling up and different levels of customization such as being able to choose which powers or moves one would like to focus on and utilize more often.

Instead of playing as a user-created character this game allows you to take control of a version of a DC character from one of the 52 alternate worlds that exist (or so they tell us) in the DC Universe. I’m envisioning a bunch of Batmen facing off against a bunch of different Jokers but we will see.

On the positive side The Flash is among some of the first “champions” profiled at the Infinite Crisis official website. They’ve included a profile, a couple in-game screenshots and descriptions of each of his special moves:


As you can see Flash’s character type is an assassin. This type of character focuses on striking fast and hard and evasion. They typically can’t take too many blows so it is imperative that they avoid getting hit. I gotta say that I love the detail that they put into the bio. The profile picture is a little derpy but still looks pretty cool overall. Something about that grin though and the lack of pupils in his eyes makes him look very strange.

Flash’s special moves also seem to be done really well:







Lastly we get a couple in-game screenshots of The Flash’s character model and Flash facing off against Nightmare Batman:



Of course these are very early screenshots (the game is tentatively scheduled for release Fall 2013) but I’m really liking what we are seeing so far. I will admit that my experience with MOBA video games is quite limited but I’m willing to give just about anything featuring The Flash a shot. We’ve seen no less than three different versions of Batman from the multiverse and so far they have given us a glimpse of the six core Infinite Crisis universes. I’m wondering just what they are going to do with each one in relation to the Scarlet Speedster. I’m betting that the longer the game goes on the more universes we can expect them to add. Infinite possibilities.

Infinite Crisis is being developed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turbine Studios and is tentatively scheduled for release later this year.

What do you all think of this new Infinite Crisis MOBA game? What alternate versions of Flash are you hoping to play as? What villains are you hoping to fight against? Please, let us know in the comments below.