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WonderCon Photos. No Foolin’

Starro the Conqueror!

I hope you’ll forgive the lack of an April Fool’s prank this year, but in a world where Geoff Johns relaunching Vibe has actually happened, I figured I couldn’t top the real world.

I did, however, spend two days at WonderCon in Anaheim this weekend. I should have a full write-up soon, but my complete photo gallery is up! Even if you’ve already seen my phone pictures on Instagram, there are a lot more now that I’ve had time to pull photos from the better camera.

Speaking of WonderCon, there was only minimal Flash news. At DC’s New 52 Panel, Brian Buccellato revealed that Flash and Green Lantern will team up in this year’s Flash Annual, and Iris West may be on the Reverse Flash’s hit list. As far as Kid Flash, at the DC All Access Panel Sterling Gates & Scott Lobdell revealed that we’ll learn a little about Bart’s origin in his Vibe guest spot, and an upcoming Teen Titans story will see Bart pulled back to the future, with the Teen Titans having to figure out how to get him back — assuming he even wants to return.

UPDATE: It took two weeks, but I finally completed my writeup of my trip to this year’s WonderCon Anaheim. Head over to K-Squared Ramblings to read all about…

  • Zombies on trial
  • Disney mashup costumes
  • An exhibit hall divided…with ice cream
  • Downtime hangouts
  • Keeping iconic characters fresh
  • Parking chaos
  • Animaniacs anniversary…or not?

…and a lot more besides!

Read on for the full article and photos!