WonderCon Photos. No Foolin’

Starro the Conqueror!

I hope you’ll forgive the lack of an April Fool’s prank this year, but in a world where Geoff Johns relaunching Vibe has actually happened, I figured I couldn’t top the real world.

I did, however, spend two days at WonderCon in Anaheim this weekend. I should have a full write-up soon, but my complete photo gallery is up! Even if you’ve already seen my phone pictures on Instagram, there are a lot more now that I’ve had time to pull photos from the better camera.

Speaking of WonderCon, there was only minimal Flash news. At DC’s New 52 Panel, Brian Buccellato revealed that Flash and Green Lantern will team up in this year’s Flash Annual, and Iris West may be on the Reverse Flash’s hit list. As far as Kid Flash, at the DC All Access Panel Sterling Gates & Scott Lobdell revealed that we’ll learn a little about Bart’s origin in his Vibe guest spot, and an upcoming Teen Titans story will see Bart pulled back to the future, with the Teen Titans having to figure out how to get him back — assuming he even wants to return.

UPDATE: It took two weeks, but I finally completed my writeup of my trip to this year’s WonderCon Anaheim. Head over to K-Squared Ramblings to read all about…

  • Zombies on trial
  • Disney mashup costumes
  • An exhibit hall divided…with ice cream
  • Downtime hangouts
  • Keeping iconic characters fresh
  • Parking chaos
  • Animaniacs anniversary…or not?

…and a lot more besides!

Read on for the full article and photos!


6 thoughts on “WonderCon Photos. No Foolin’

  1. mrmaczaps

    Did you pick up that Flash issue?!

    thats so awesome. $100 wasnt a bad price either I dont think.
    those date stamps, to me, don’t hurt the value… i think it adds to it… personally, at least on those old books.

    1. Kelson Post author

      I passed on it. I haven’t really been into collecting for the sake of collecting in quite a while, more for being able to read the stories. Plus there’s other stuff I could use that $100 for.

  2. Kyer

    Starro was the best for sure. (That Disco Joker/Elvis is going to give me nightmares.)
    The California Adventures made me kind of sad. I have a distant memory of drives we’d take down the freeway for afternoon trips to Long Beach or Newport Beach and obviously the scenery around Disneyland would look barely anything like I remember it did. All you really saw was the tip of the Matterhorn. (I hope that is still there? One of my favorite rides along with The Haunted Mansion.)

    1. Kelson Post author

      Funny thing about the Joker/Elvis: I ran into a friend from college toward the end of the day, and we were talking, and he mentioned this one friend of his who came dressed as Elvis Joker.

      The area around Disneyland has changed a lot, especially when they built the second park on the old parking lot around the turn of the millennium.

      Inside the park has mostly been incremental changes. The Matterhorn’s still there, as is Space Mountain. Outside, though…Disney and Anaheim made major changes. Streets have been rerouted, the freeway has been widened and Disneyland given its own exit, and a lot of the smaller motels that used to surround the park have been replaced with bigger hotels and shopping centers.

      Here’s a wider view from the same angle, but all the way at the end of the convention center. This is in 2010, when they had just started the first big renovations on California Adventure since it opened.


      My sense of the area was never very strong, and now it’s a confused mishmash of the old layout and the new layout.

      1. Kyer

        0.0* I’m…floored. Just Google Map satellite photo’d Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm (two places that were pretty close to where we lived) and OMG. I recognized a good portion of Disneyland what with the Jungle/Tom S. Isle, Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Fantasyland…but the rest? Nada. No huge parking lot with those neat trams.
        Then I went to see Knott’s and…holy moley! Where are the old putt-putt cars that you could ride alongside part of Beach Blvd? Where’s the wonderful free section to the east with the simple and yet simply wonderful twisted tree logs made to look very vaguely like animals…all in the shadow of Independence Hall….a kid friendly place to go when parents couldn’t afford the western ride section? Do they even still have the saloon door with the little trap window that when you pushed the button some cranky mannequin guy’s face would (family-rated) tell you off? The mine? Okay, there’s the log ride, but…
        Where’s my childhood?!!!!!
        (When will I learn to stay the heck *away* from Google map satellite and areas where I grew up?)

      2. Kyer

        Argh! (you’re article on cassettes and pencils) I remember the big reels of tape with the plastic dial for forward and reverse before they had actual little cartridges. Am feeling like a right dinosaur now. Going to go console myself with my black & white photograph View-Master reels of places that no longer look like they once did. Going to need a family-sized box of Kleenex for this particular mission.
        It’s all your fault. 😛


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