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More Digital Flash: Xbox and Unbox

ComicMix reports that the 1990 Flash TV series starring John Wesley Shipp has been added to the DC Comics Network on Xbox Live Marketplace. This means you can watch episodes on your Xbox 360.

It was a fun show, one that had its cheesy moments and its dramatic moments, elements that worked and elements that didn’t. I never could understand why Amanda Pays disappeared into occasional-guest-spot limbo after the show ended.

When it finally came out on DVD in 2006, I rewatched it for the first time in years. I was happy to find that most of the things that bothered me about the pilot episode this time through were the same things that had bothered me when I was a teenager watching it for the first time.

I did a little digging around, and found that while the show doesn’t seem to be on iTunes, (it seemed like a good bet, with all the DC animation added recently) it is available as a download from Amazon Unbox. I also managed to find two seasons of Justice League, one season of Super Friends, and Justice League: The New Frontier on Unbox (but, oddly, no sign of Justice League Unlimited).

(Thanks to Esteban Pedreros for reminding me I need to post this!)