September 12, 2009

Flash Rebirth #2 Gets Second Printing

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ComicList reports that Flash: Rebirth #2 will get a second printing, arriving in stores on September 30.

Two of the three reprints of issue #1 have taken an existing cover and removed most of the color. (The second printing brought in an alternate cover that had been used for solicitations, but not the actual printed comic book.) Here are the original covers for Flash: Rebirth #2, the standard on the left and the variant on the right:

So what do you think: will it be a black and white standard cover (with the filmstrip) with only Barry Allen in color, or black and white variant cover (Barry with his costume coming out of the ring) with only the costume in color?

One response to “Flash Rebirth #2 Gets Second Printing”

  1. Mo says:

    I would hope its different then just normal B&W, but not hoping for anything spectacular.

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