March 18, 2011

Flash Ending for Flashpoint

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Ever popped onto a news site and found yourself saying, “Wait…what?” That was my reaction when I read this at The Source. They’re answering a fan question from fhiz:

Johns wrote that Booster Gold was the only ongoing to tie into Flashpoint, so where does that leave his book, The Flash?

The Source explains:

Great question, fhiz. While the effects of FLASHPOINT will be felt throughout BOOSTER GOLD even after the series concludes, we can’t quite say the same for THE FLASH past issue #12… Why’s that?

Issue 12 will be the final issue of THE FLASH.

It’s just as well they turned off comments the other day, or the fans would be going nuts!

I was sort of half-expecting DC to put The Flash on hiatus during Flashpoint. But to outright make #12 the final issue? Especially since they’ve already solicited #13? That’s a surprise. Not only is it an extremely short run for such a high-profile (and apparently successful) relaunch, but it if it’s canceled now, it makes it shorter than the ill-fated Flash: The Fastest Man Alive back in 2006–2007.

I guess we can look forward to yet another relaunch after Flashpoint ends.

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