May 12, 2012

Young Justice: Three Generations of Flashes

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There’s been a lot of speculation among Young Justice fans about the fact that Kid Flash/Wally West has been missing from the five-years-later second season, and that the Flash has barely appeared (and hasn’t spoken). Did Wally West die during the gap? Did Barry Allen die, with Wally West stepping up to become the new Flash like he did in the comics?

One thing is known: An upcoming episode by Peter David will feature three Flashes: Jay Garrick, Barry Allen and Wally West. Geoff Pierson will provide the voice of Jay Garrick.

I haven’t found a definitive source for the airdate, but it appears to be the June 2 episode, “Bloodlines.”

Update: I meant to add this, but it seems to have gotten lost in editing. What we don’t know: When the episode takes place, or whether Jay, Barry and Wally all appear together or separately (or even in different time periods).

Set your DVRs, folks. This is going to be bigger than Wally’s spotlight in “Coldhearted.”

Image: Character design by Jerome K. Moore.

Thanks to @CraigRMacDonald for the reminder and the link to Charles Skaggs’ post which directed me to Peter David’s post, and to Kyer for remarking on the “Bloodlines” title.

25 responses to “Young Justice: Three Generations of Flashes”

  1. TheFlash1990 says:

    This show is wonderful, I really enjoy how they do The Flashes on there, even if they have altered the origins a little bit. The episode with The Flash family eating was great.

  2. Lee H says:

    I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully there’ll be more seasons so they can get to Impulse.

  3. Kyer says:

    Rumor is that Impulse will become part of the team…and that Wally and Artemis retired from crime fighting in order to attend college.

    That’s a little too close to canon for me if true because it means that either Barry is going to die later on (I don’t want that.)(Or Wally has been written out only to *maybe* appear again at or near the season finale to help save the day (like in the finale of Teen Titans animated.)

    Kyer the Worrywart is biting her nails from the anxiety of all of this because…well….



    • Kyer says:

      Said rumor is by some guy who is claiming to be the voice actor for Superboy in the Spanish language dubs. How true this is would be up for debate, but apparently he’s been spot on in his ‘spoilers’ for the show.

      So that’s a bunch of League characters off into space and two former sidekicks in retirement….maybe. Guess that does help lower the production costs.

      Throat spray. I’m going to need to put medicated throat spray on my shopping list ’cause I anticipate I’ll be doing a lot of loud screaming between now and the hiatus.

      • Marisa says:

        Wow. That was spot on! I really hope that Wally becomes the Flash and Impulse joins the team. Impulse will provide much needed comic relief for this season, and he is just all around awesome!

  4. Savitar says:

    Peter David writing this? It’s going to be good regardless.

    As long as Wally isn’t dead, I’ll be happy.

  5. lightspeed says:

    Woohoo! I’m gonna watch that for sure.

  6. TheFlash1990 says:

    Animation is a GREAT medium with which to exercise ideas about The Flash mythos without “desecrating” the comics. I’m game for all the storylines mentioned above, they could do one where Barry “dies” or disappears for a season and Wally takes over as The Flash for a bit…then in a season later have Barry return…just as like a little homage to Crisis, maybe get Wally a new uniform and name too? Having an “adult” Flash as a lead may defeat the purpose of the “Young” part of “Young Justice” though, but like I said, as long as we are seeing MORE Flash, I am happy. (hoping for a Flash spinoff one day)

  7. TheFlash1990 says:

    Impulse would be cool to see. Also more of Barry at his day job.

    • Marisa says:

      Yes! They need 4 generations of Flashes…but I would guess that Barry would have to die first, so there would still be 3 generations.

  8. Eyz says:

    Aww.. I miss this 3 Generations of Flashes in the comics…
    It was so much more original compared to other usual comics, having a family like that aruond ‘n’ all…

  9. lightspeed says:

    I would love to see Max Mercury or even the Quicks cause that would be great (not likely to happen but I can dream right?). Just wondering what an animated take on the entire Flash Family would be like. Maybe somewhere along the lines of AWESOME .

  10. TheFlash1990 says:

    I wonder how Francis Manapul’s art would translate to animation…

  11. […] A fan favorite hero, the Flash has one of more impressive rogue’s galleries in comics and makes a startling scarlet impression on readers. Even today, his series is one of the most visually stunning comics on the racks. The Young Justice series has been incredibly impressive and (despite a lag in broadcast) ranks up there with the Bruce Timm Justice League cartoon for excellence. Via […]

  12. Michelle says:

    I hope Bart will be there too.

  13. Alice A says:

    Oh man, I’m so excited to have Wally back again! He’s my favourite superhero and I’ve been sooo worried about what happened to him!

  14. Kyer says:

    Potential SPOILER. It’s a rumor, but so far the person doing the rumors has been spot on:
    If you are a Wally fan you may want to skip this!
    Bart will show up as Impulse and Wally along with Artemis retire from hero work in order to attend college courses.

    If this is true I’m going to have to log off my computer and spend the day screaming bloody hell into my comforter because while I’ll be happy to see Bart….I don’t want more of ‘Just Allen and Garrick’s Need Apply To The DC Brand’. Then I’m going to pitch all my saved bookmarks for DC merchandise I’ve been putting on hold (save for anything with Wally) and say “screw it” though in nothing like that polite sort of language.
    So I’m really hoping this is just a rumor other than the part about Bart as Impulse.


    • TheFlash1990 says:


      I suppose it would make sense if Bart were to show up, since the episode is titled “Bloodlines”. I’m kind of hoping to see Thawne make an appearance somewhere.

      • Marisa says:

        I think that their retirement will be just a temporary thing. After all, Wally retired for a time in the comics, but he came back.

        • TheFlash1990 says:

          I’m sure they’re just waiting for the right “Crisis” ( 😉 ) for him to return in costume. Like it would be stupid if we don’t see him as a hero again, he’s part of the show’s main cast.

          A show about this version’s JLA would be pretty cool, like a Year One type thing of flashback, with the League fighting the Apellaxians, one of the things this show did a pretty good job with so far.

  15. Kyer says:

    Well, the rumor source proved to be spot on once again.
    Man, am I disappointed.

    How can a speedster not do both? It kind of waters down the whole meaning of ‘fastest teen alive’ that it must be one or the other.

    Yes, I realize the real reason was to cut down on his screen time, but what a lousy reason.

    • Stephen says:

      On a side note…We get to see Bart?

    • ben says:

      fastest teen maybe, but not the smartest. and that’s not a diss either. but if you think about it logically, a full time college student AND teen super hero is quite the work load! not to mention wally has to consume massive amounts of food to sustain himself. so if he were to attend college, we’d see him jump out of bed, wolf down a 3 course breakfast, speed off to classes, which he CAN’T control how long they take. then leave school, zoom to whatever emergency was happening, then go home to complete his college work and maybe time for study. wow…5 days a week?! geez i’d say that’s overkill even for the fastest person. think about the mental drain/strain that would be on him. so when you think about it that way, it only makes sense for him to choose one or the other, not both. plus, he is a TEEN, he should get to experience SOME sort of a ‘normal’ teen-age life.

  16. kelly says:

    i really think they should bring kid flash back in season 3

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