July 5, 2013

No Wally West (or Lightning Lad) in Justice League 3000

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Justice League 3000 Flash by Howard Porter

Remember that Justice League 3000 design that had fans wondering about the identity of a future Flash? Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis are still being cagey about just who the JL3000 are, but fan speculation has led them to reveal who they aren’t to MTV Geek:

Geek: Real talk: Is this Flash Wally West? Are we going to finally see him in a New 52 context?

DeMatteis: One thing I can say unequivocally: this is absolutely not Wally West.

Giffen: No! Too harsh? Sorry again, but I’ve got to kill this whole Wally thing before it gets out of hand. Wally never even crossed our minds. Nor Donna. Nor Stephanie. Nor Snapper, nor Binky, nor Casey the Cop, etc., etc.

They also clarify that these characters aren’t the Legion of Super-Heroes recast in a Justice League mold. “Superman is not Mon-el. Green Lantern is not Rond Vidar.” Flash, we can assume, is not Lightning Lad.

It’s just as well that they chose to nip this in the bud rather than let the speculation build up steam over the next few months, leading to massive disappointment from fans who were hoping for a return of Wally West as Flash, Donna Troy as Wonder Woman, etc. when they picked up the book and it didn’t line up with their expectations.

Presumably the red hair and green eyes in the design sketch simply reflect artist Howard Porter’s affinity for the character, since he drew several years of JLA with Grant Morrison and Wally West’s Flash series with Geoff Johns.