December 3, 2013

The Flash Podcast Launches

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The Flash PodcastJust in time for Barry Allen to make his first appearance on “Arrow” (tomorrow), The Flash Podcast has launched to focus on the new TV version of the character as played by Grant Gustin (and other media). Head over to soundcloud for the first episode and listen to host Andy Behbakht talk about what you can expect from the show!

One response to “The Flash Podcast Launches”

  1. Kyer says:

    Nice logo.
    Barry always looked nicer with his eyes showing. It’s one of the occasions where I go “screw logic and secret identity issues!” Much more visually appealing to see eyes.
    Must admit I’m curious to see what daft costume changes they are going to do for Barry in the spinoff. (Yes, daft. They are always daft. Even when done with charm….daft. :D)

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