October 26, 2015

Flash Becomes Death in Darkseid War

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Justice League Darkseid War The Flash (Francis Manapul)

CBR has unveiled Francis Manapul’s covers for Justice League: Darkseid War — a set of one-shots coming out over the next month focusing on how each character has been changed by the death of Darkseid. Shazam is now channelling the powers of the New Gods, Batman has Metron’s Mobius Chair…and the Flash has become the Black Racer, personification of Death. (Not to be confused with the Black Flash, personification of Death.)

Justice League: Darkseid War: The Flash is out next week.

October 19, 2015

On the Run in January’s Flash #48

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Flash #48

DC Comics’ January solicitations are rolling out, including:

Coloring Book Variant cover by DEREC DONOVAN
On sale JANUARY 27 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

In the aftermath his recent clash with Zoom, The Flash finds himself on the run…from the law! And the task force charged with arresting him is made up of his enemies, The Rogues!

Update: Current Flash artist Brett Booth confirmed on Twitter that he’s leaving the book at the end of the current story arc. Booth came on board with Venditti and Jensen in April 2014.

October 16, 2015

Flash #48 Coloring-Book Variant Cover

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DC is unveiling their January 2016 variant cover theme: coloring books. Each issue in the theme will have a line art variant cover suitable for coloring yourself. Comic Vine has several including Flash #48 by Derec Donovan.

Flash #48 Coloring Book Variant Cover by Derec Donovan

October 14, 2015

This Week’s Flash Backissue: Iris’ Parents and Robo-Lincoln

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DC is going through one of the goofier eras of Flash comics in their digital backlist. This week they’ve added Flash #210, in which Barry and Iris travel to the distant future to visit Iris’ birth parents (in the comics she discovers that she’s adopted, and was sent back in time to the 20th century as a baby). After a devastating war, Earth-West has decided the best way to rebuild is to appoint a robotic duplicate of Abraham Lincoln as President. Enemies from Earth-East send a robotic duplicate of John Wilkes Booth to assassinate him.

Wrestling is involved.

Flash #210: Robo-Lincoln vs. Robo-Booth

October 13, 2015

Classic Cover: Flash of Two Worlds

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Flash #123

The classic Flash #123 brought Golden-Age Flash Jay Garrick back from obscurity and established the DC multiverse, setting in motion JLA/JSA team-ups, villains of Earth-3, Crisis on Infinite Earths and more. It’s fitting that the story lends its title to tonight’s episode of the Flash TV Show, which properly introduces Jay Garrick and the multiverse to TV audiences.

Carmine Infantino’s cover has been referenced many times over the years, by professionals and fans alike — including the TV show’s posters! It’s popular enough that I once toyed with the idea of running a weekly “Flash of Two Worlds” homage feature on the blog, but never quite got started. Still, you can see a small selection by looking at our posts tagged Flash of Two Worlds.

October 7, 2015

This Week: Miracle in Central City & Lightning in a Bottle

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This week, with the Flash TV show returning for season two, DC’s digital backlist adds one more Flash comic from the 1970s and a pair of collections covering the entire One Year Later run of Flash: The Fastest Man Alive featuring Bart Allen.

Flash #208 (1971): I’ll just quote ComiXology’s description here: “Featuring nuns who go after crooks that are using a church to store pilfered goods, and Barry and Iris attend a church social. Also, when Kid Flash traces a mysterious explosion to another dimension, he finds that it was caused by the K-10 gang.”

Flash: Lightning in a Bottle (2006): Bart Allen takes over as the Flash after Wally West disappears in the Infinite Crisis…but only reluctantly, as his roommate Griffin gains super-powers and becomes a threat to anyone connected to the speed force. (Flash: TFMA #1-6)

Flash: Full Throttle (2006-2007): Bart battles the latest incarnation of Manfred Mota, a nuclear powered villain who has faced each Flash over the years. Then his dark twin Inertia recruits the Rogues to defeat the Flash once and for all. (Flash:TFMA #7-13)

The two Fastest Man Alive collections are currently on major discount, $4.99 each down from $10.99, as part of ComiXology’s Arrow/Flash sale this week.

Flash #208.