Flash @ DC Nation II

A few more bits about the Flash from my notes on the Sunday follow-up DC Nation panel here at San Diego Comic-Con:

Dan Didio was tired and asked the audience to pipe up with announcements that had already been made. When he asked about the Flash, only one person stuck up his hand. (No, it wasn’t me. I was waaay in the back with a pen and notebook.) “Only one person can tell us what’s going on in Flash?” He then asked, “Barry Allen: Rebirth — a good thing or a bad thing?” The audience applauded.

Geoff Johns said of Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds that “If you like speedsters, you should read the book too. Actually, it you like teenage speedsters, you should read the book.” Perhaps a hint about Bart returning as Kid Flash/Impulse?

One fan asked about speculation that Barry Allen might be Libra. Dan Didio simply said, “Flash: Rebirth.” Geoff Johns added, “I can’t comment, but… I hope not.”

Another asked if, with Barry’s return, we would get some trade paperbacks from his series, specifically the Trial of the Flash. Bob Wayne said, “You mean the Fastest Man Alive and the Slowest Story Printed? Don’t make us!” Someone (possibly Geoff) piped up with “I liked that story!”


8 thoughts on “Flash @ DC Nation II

  1. Greg

    would love a collected “Trial…”. been re-reading it this weekend. it would be almost 30 issues to include the whole yarn, though there were backup features through 325.

  2. Brandan

    why would the lack of response seem weird? The series isnt selling and it hasn’t been that great anyway. I’m not surprised.

  3. Ted

    I seem to remember Grant Morrison confirming that Libra was NOT Barry.

    Morrison: Yeah they’re definitely opposing forces. I mean a lot of people thought it was Barry under the Libra mask, but it’s not. It happened at the same time, which is why we paralleled it. The descent of evil is happening at the same time as the descent of good’s messenger. That type of thing.


    I don’t think he’d flat-out lie rather than be coy or avoid the question.

    Really psyched about Barry’s return. Hope this isn’t another tease like the past few years — or even that Waid arc. 🙁

  4. BrianR

    I’m really looking forward to Barry’s “Rebirth” series next year. The Flash storyline has really gotten strange since Wally came back with the kids. I miss the days of Flash just racing around fighting bad guys and not having to constantly keep up with where the children are during the fight. The stories seem more suited to a Cartoon Network label than DC. Hopefully Barry can bring back the glory days of the character.

    .-= BrianR’s latest blog post: The Most Recurring Smackdowns in Comics =-.

  5. Andrew

    “why would the lack of response seem weird? The series isnt selling and it hasn’t been that great anyway. I’m not surprised.”

    I just thought there might be more enthusiasm to the news about Barry’s return, which is what I thought they were referring to.

  6. Aaron Poehler

    The problem with collecting Trial (aesthetic judgments aside) is that the story really started back around #270 with the ‘new direction’ and Iris’ death and didn’t end until #350. It’d have to be some sort of edited run, losing most of the done-in-one issues, but who knows, if Barry’s profile is raised high enough, maybe a Showcase-format book would be viable.


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