The Flash vs. Flash Gordon: Vote!

The Chicago Tribune is running a Best Superhero Tourney, with readers voting for their favorites among a field of 32 super-heroes from various companies including DC, Marvel, Dark Horse and more. Among the matches in the “Kevin Smith Region:” The Flash vs Flash Gordon.

Obviously, the Flash could run circles around Flash Gordon (though there seem to be plenty of people who get them mixed up). Super-speed vs. a jet pack seems like a pretty short contest.

The first round of voting runs through July 11. Run over there and have fun!

Other “how appropriate” match-ups: Hellboy vs. Daredevil. Batman vs. the Spirit. Most bizarre: Silver Surfer vs. Popeye.

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2 thoughts on “The Flash vs. Flash Gordon: Vote!

  1. Anna

    You know, my problem with the descriptions about The Flash that sites are writing these days is that they make it seem like there hasn’t been anyone else as the Flash from COIE till now =/

  2. Kelson Post author

    Yeah, I agree with you there! Usually I just chalk it up to another case of the mainstream not being familiar with comics beyond what makes it to the TV screen and beach towels.

    And then there are the people who think that Flash Gordon is the guy with super-speed!

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