Scarlet Speedster vs. Silver Surfer: Vote!

Not surprisingly, the Flash handily defeated Flash Gordon in the first round of The Chicago Tribune‘s Best Superhero Tourney, with roughly 85% of the vote. In round 2, the Scarlet Speedster faces off against the Silver Surfer. (Not surprisingly, he won against Popeye.)

Voting in round 2 is open through Wednesday, July 16.


2 thoughts on “Scarlet Speedster vs. Silver Surfer: Vote!

  1. Andrew

    Sadly, it seems someone sat at their computer for a few hours voting over and over again for the silver surfer. I noticed when I voted for the flash because I came back less than half an hour later to vote again and there was about a hundred new votes for the other guy. Then an hour later and the surfer was up to 60%. Too bad the vote got hijacked like that too because Flash was winning for most of it.

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