Delays and Reprints

This week’s DC Direct Channel newsletter has an incredibly long list of books that have been delayed for various reasons. Most of the list is made up of trades and hardcovers, which are all being pushed back one week “due to adjustments being made in DC’s manufacturing and production schedules.” It also includes most of the Final Crisis line-up.

Flash-related titles that have been postponed include:

Title Original Rescheduled Difference
Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge #1 (reprint) August 13 August 20 1 week
Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge #2 August 20 August 27 1 week
Final Crisis #4 September 17 October 1 2 weeks
Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #2 September 17 October 1 2 weeks
Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge #3 September 17 October 15 4 weeks

Most of the delays in monthly titles are are offered with no explanation, though the reprints of Final Crisis: Requiem and Rogues’ Revenge #1 are blamed on “an error.” The books were supposed to ship last week, but instead they’re arriving in stores today.

In better news, the trade paperback Flash: Rogue War is going back to press for a second printing.


One thought on “Delays and Reprints

  1. Wally East

    Argh. As someone who gets his comics on a monthly basis from DCBS, delaying a book from 9/17 to 10/1 means I won’t get it until 11/3.

    .-= Wally East’s latest blog post: Peach =-.


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