Flash Comics Make $553,583 in Auction

ComicsPriceGuide reports on a recent auction of comic books and original art at Heritage Auctions, which realized nearly $4 million.

“Also offered in this auction were the Mile High copies of Flash Comics #2-24 and #60,” Jaster said, “some of the most hotly desired books from the Gold Age of Comics. We offered the remainder of the run in a previous auction, and were proud to bring these beauties to the collecting public. Residing at the very top of the CGC Census, these exceptional books inspired spirited bidding. All told, the impressive run offered in this auction brought a whopping $553,583.”

A brief explanation: The Mile High Collection was a huge lot of comics going back to the 1940s, collected over decades by Edgar Church. His heirs sold the whole lot in 1977 to Chuck Rozanski of Mile High Comics. Because there were so many, and because Church had kept them in virtually pristine condition, the find had a huge impact on the Golden-Age collectors’ market.

As for the books in this auction, Flash Comics #2–24 cover the earliest years of the series, from 1940–1941. The Flash and Hawkman stories are included in The Golden Age Flash Archives Vol. 1–2 and The Golden Age Hawkman Archives (just one volume). I don’t know of anything special about the contents of Flash Comics #60, so its appeal is probably just the fact that there are so few high-grade copies in existence.


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