Speed Reading: DCUO, Fake Trailer, etc.

CBR has an article on DC Universe Online featuring a new screenshot of the Flash (or at least one I hadn’t seen before).

X-Man wants Flash fans to explain the appeal of bringing Barry Back.

Meanwhile, snark has taken over discussion of last week’s fake Flash movie trailer, including Defamer’s Fake ‘Flash’ Teaser Ruins New Comic Franchise Before it Begins, and Blog@Newsarama’s Step away from the Windows Movie Maker. (Defamer also links to another fan trailer, a bit more obvious in that it consists entirely of remixed clips from Bart Allen’s appearances on Smallville.)

Last week I posted a few updates to Flash: Those Who Ride the Lightning including Inertia, the Gotham Rogues, and an update to the Cover Variants list showing the final versions of the Rogues’ Revenge covers.