Speed Reading: Flash #247 Review Round-Up

Flash #247It’s been two weeks since the final issue of The Flash came out starring Wally West*, and the reviews of Flash #247 are in.

They’re very mixed, ranging from “skip it” to a “high note.” Several make favorable comparisons to the last time Wally’s series was canceled (Flash #230). Most see this final arc as little more than a placeholder, marking time while DC prepares Flash: Rebirth.

*Until the nostalgia cycle catches up to him 20 years from now. Or until the next sales crash. Or, if we’re really lucky, until DC launches a second Flash series in parallel with Barry’s.


2 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Flash #247 Review Round-Up

  1. Will

    Like almost everything for the Flash in the last two or so years, it felt rushed and hackneyed, almost out of desperation to shift gears. Obviously, I myself wasn’t too big a fan of it. I can’t wait for the rebirth though!

  2. Mariano

    Thank you very much for linking to my blog.

    As you said, I liked the story despite the art consistency.

    I’m also hoping to see two Flash regular series next year, one for Barry and one for Wally, or one for Barry and another for the rest, or whatever. Flash must be front and center in the DCU. No doubt.

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