Quick Thoughts: Twitter Through 2009-01-04

  • If you’re ONLY reading a comic so you can understand ANOTHER comic…DON’T READ IT. Just read the comics you like.
  • Question: Is Speedy the only character to appear in both the Timmverse Justice League and Teen Titans? (Except MAYBE Flash/Kid Flash?)
  • Working through email backlog. Again. Got it down below 300, amazingly.
  • Gleep! Found 2-year-old email from Wallyoeste with Youtube links to clips from the Filmation Flash episodes. *oops*
  • Cool short movie: Mac vs. PC – Transformers style!
  • Just picked up a bunch of Bronze Age backissues on eBay with Flash in Adventure Comics. And Hostess ads.
  • Halo and Sprocket is all over the “best of” lists for 2008 comics. I have to agree: both GNs are highly recommended!
  • Weird Al’s “You’re Pitiful” – is a homemade Trek uniform intrinsically pathetic, or is he talking about one that’s really badly done?
  • Beginning to think I’m the only person on my blogroll or Twitter list who doesn’t care about the new Doctor Who lead.
  • Misread “Wolverine: Blood Debt” as “Wolverine: Blood Dept.”

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