Rumor: Scott Porter as The Flash? How about Neil Patrick Harris?

A quick note: Think McFly Think reports that Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights) is in the running for the Flash Movie. (via @SpeedsterSite)

The post says that there are two actors under consideration at this point, but doesn’t speculate as to the second actor.

Update: Screen Rant is calling Neil Patrick Harris as the other actor under consideration. Harris has experience with the super-hero genre, starring not only as the titular villain in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, but as the voice of Barry Allen himself in last year’s animated Justice League: New Frontier (reviewed here). (via Fused Film)

Since DC has been busy re-positioning Barry Allen as the main Flash, it’s a safe bet at this point that the movie will star Barry.


5 thoughts on “Rumor: Scott Porter as The Flash? How about Neil Patrick Harris?

  1. Brandan

    There’s very little chance that NPH gets the role, even if he wanted it. No way WB puts a potential superhero franchise in his ability to carry a film. NO CHANCE.

  2. Will

    NPH would be an amazing Flash. Specifically, Wally West. I think that he embodies Wally’s charisma, wit, and humor.

    There is no way he could play Barry though. No way at all.

  3. Ben Pemberton

    There is a trailer for the The Flash(2009) movie on youtube and it features the Wally West Flash. I’ve heard Ryan Reynolds is to play The Flash but I can’t say for sure if this is true.


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