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Who Should Play Wally West?

Today’s guest post is by Kojo Manu

It’s no secret that Warner Bros. and DC Comics have started, stalled, restarted, and once again stalled many of their film properties in the past, but it doesn’t stop the speculation. One property that I always wanted to see brought to the big screen (and love to speculate about) is The Flash.

Unfortunately (sort of) it seems that DC is focusing more on bringing Barry Allen rather than Wally West to the screen first. but it’s still fun the speculate on my favorite person to don the Flash costume.

I decided to make a blog casting the Scarlet Speedster and to hear many other people’s opinion on who should Wally West/The Flash. Here are my top 3 choices: Continue reading

Rumor: Scott Porter as The Flash? How about Neil Patrick Harris?

A quick note: Think McFly Think reports that Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights) is in the running for the Flash Movie. (via @SpeedsterSite)

The post says that there are two actors under consideration at this point, but doesn’t speculate as to the second actor.

Update: Screen Rant is calling Neil Patrick Harris as the other actor under consideration. Harris has experience with the super-hero genre, starring not only as the titular villain in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, but as the voice of Barry Allen himself in last year’s animated Justice League: New Frontier (reviewed here). (via Fused Film)

Since DC has been busy re-positioning Barry Allen as the main Flash, it’s a safe bet at this point that the movie will star Barry.