Flash Guests at NYCC

Some Flash-related guests appearing at New York Comic-Con this weekend:


  • Todd Dezago (Impulse)
  • Geoff Johns (Rebirth, long run on Flash vol.2)
  • Mark Waid (long run on Flash vol.2)
  • Len Wein (several issues in early 1970s)
  • Marv Wolfman (Crisis on Infinite Earths, New Teen Titans)


  • Doug Braithwaite (cover on Flash vol2 relaunch)
  • Brian Bolland (run of covers in early 2000s)
  • Tony Daniel (Flash: The Fastest Man Alive)
  • Irwin Hasen (1940s)
  • Carmine Infantino (co-created the Silver Age Flash, long run as artist)
  • Joe Kubert (original 1940s series)
  • Greg Larocque (long run as penciler during late 1980s/early 1990s)
  • Jay Leisten (inker on Flash: TFMA)
  • John Livesay (inker during mid-2000s)
  • Todd Nauck (Young Justice)
  • George Perez (Crisis on Infinite Earths, New Teen Titans)
  • Craig Rousseau (Impulse)
  • Alex Saviuk (1970s)
  • Brian Stelfreeze (final covers on Flash vol.2)
  • Frank McLaughlin (inker during 1970s and 1980s)


  • Gina Going (colorist)
  • Barbara Kesel (editor on Flash vol.2)

I’m sure I’ve missed some — I just went through the full guest list (and it’s a long list!) looking for names I remembered working on Flash or Impulse, then made a second pass searching for “Flash” in the bios.  Plus there’s Artist’s Alley, and I’m sure there are more who aren’t on the official list who are still going.


14 thoughts on “Flash Guests at NYCC

  1. Lia

    Well that is strange…how did that avatar get there? That’s my WordPress avatar, but I didn’t realize this blog was affiliated with WP. And if it used my avatar, why didn’t it use my WP account name?

    Pardon my babbling, it just surprised me…

  2. Lia

    I see. Well, that’s very clever. I’m pretty new to WordPress.

    BTW Kelson, I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but the first half of wave 7 of DCU Classics action figures is starting to trickle into stores in the US. This includes the Flash, Kid Flash, and Captain Cold figures.

  3. Kelson Post author

    @Lia: What Mo said! 😀

    In a little more detail: This site is running the standalone WordPress software, which includes a lot of the same features as the WordPress service, but can be customized or extended with plugins. I actually thought about setting this up on WordPress.com, but decided I’d rather have the flexibility. Except for occasional problems when I’ve, for instance, accidentally taken the blog down as far as 99% of the world can tell 😳 it’s worked out!

    There’s an interesting connection between WordPress and Gravatar. Gravatar was bought by Automattic, the company that owns WordPress.com and maintains the software, a little over a year ago. The first thing that happened was Gravatar suddenly got a lot more reliable! Then they added Gravatar capability to the stand-alone software (it had been available through plugins before). Then they merged it into WordPress.com.

    Anyway, onto the action figures. I haven’t seen any yet, but now that I know they’re starting to show up, I’ll keep an eye out for them!

  4. Lia

    If the Top was attending NYCC, I don’t know if I’d desperately try to go or stay away 😉 It would either be the best con ever, or something tragic that we’d never speak of again.

    Canadian cons are generally pretty weak. We have a few good guests (mostly at the big Toronto one in August), but nothing like the big American shows. And I don’t think Geoff Johns has ever visited a Canadian con.

  5. Mo

    What an awesome con!! I got to meet Todd Nauck and get his signature on a few things and I got a sketch by him!! I also mett Todd Dezago and he signed a few things for me! Sadly, Peter David couldnt make it because of his knee or something.


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