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Speed Reading: Reviews, Theories, Sketches and Films

Titans Tower Monitor Room has a whole series of sketches from New York Comic Con including a classic Kid Flash by Alex Saviuk, a Flash by Greg LaRocque, and a set of classic Teen Titans by Karl Kerschl.

Comic Bloc’s Iron Sun 254 has a theory on the nature of the Speed Force.

Crimson Lightning has the results of the Favorite Flash Vol.2 Writer poll: Mark Waid wins handily, with Geoff Johns a close second. The next poll (on the sidebar of any page at Crimson Lightning): who’s your favorite Flash leading lady?

The Jim Aparo Fan Club profiles Flash #311, his only Flash cover.

Comicbook.com lists Barry and Iris Allen among their 10 great comic-book couples.

Reilly2040 reviews Legion of Three Worlds #3, focusing on the Flash elements.

Fan Cinema Today reviews The Flash: Crossover the fan film released a few weeks ago from Influence Films.

One more: The Cool Kids Table’s Ben Morse writes about why he likes Wally West.

Geoff Johns on Flash:Rebirth (Video Interview at Newsarama)

Newsarama interviewed Geoff Johns about Flash: Rebirth at New York Comic-Con. I won’t be able to watch this with sound until I get home tonight, so I don’t know if there’s really anything new in here.

Update: They also have an interview with George Pérez about Legion of Three Worlds.

Creator Catch-Up: Waid, Guggenheim, Van Sciver, Acuña, Infantino

Mark Waid‘s all over the place. CBR has two interviews: First he talks about Irredeemable, then at NYCC he unveils The Unknown, a 4-issue miniseries described as “What if Doc Savage were written by David Lynch?” and adds more details on Irredeemable. There’s also a bit about his Spider-Man arc, “24/7” with Mike McKone, and Newsarama writes about Irredeemable

Geoff Johns was all over New York Comic-Con, but the biggest announcement was the confirmation that he’ll write Adventure Comics with Francis Manapul on art. (Johns’ role in the book has been suspected since the new series was announced, given that he’s spent the last year and a half re-establishing the pre-Crisis version of the Legion of Super-Heroes in Justice Society of America, Action Comics, and Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds.)

SILive’s article on New york Comic-Con profiles Silver-Age Flash co-creator Carmine Infantino.

IGN interviews Marc Guggenheim about his Green Lantern movie script.

Newsarama interviews Daniel Acuña.

Ethan Van Sciver explains his theory linking US political shifts to the popularity of Werewolves and Zombies vs. Vampires and Aliens in pop culture.

More NYCC Flash Hints

Not a whole lot from the DC Universe panel on Saturday, but CBR and Newsarama had slightly different bits of information.

Newsarama’s take:

Johns gave some hints about Flash: Rebirth. “It starts April 1, April Fool’s Day. It will come out.” The writer talked about the return of Bart Allen, and said the goal is to have fun in the Flash universe in the same way they’re currently having fun with the Green Lantern universe.

CBR’s take:

Geoff Johns then discussed “The Flash: Rebirth,” which comes out on April 1, confirming that Bart Allen is back and will play a big part in the book.

Also: CBR has a picture of the Kid Flash fan with George Perez from Friday’s DC Nation panel.

Flash Hints from DC Nation at NYCC

Mostly from coverage at Newsarama, though there’s more on CBR:

First post-resurrections reunion of Barry Allen and Hal Jordan? Blackest Night #0 and Flash: Rebirth #1, said Johns, who added that Blackest Night #0 will be free—as part of Free Comic Book Day.

“If Wally West is just going to be in Titans and guest starring in Flash, aren’t you basically making him Kid Flash again?” “Who said those would be the only books he’d be in,” asked Sattler.

Thank you, Ian Sattler, for at least implying that Wally isn’t being stuck in Titans alone.

Starman or Golden Age sequel? “I think the best sequel to the Golden Age was done by Mr. Darwyn Cooke,” said Robinson, referring to New Frontier. “As far as Starman, probably not, but I am doing a Shade origin miniseries.”

DiDio then brought a fan in a Kid Flash outfit up to the dais to pose for a picture with George Perez. The fan asked about the future of Bart Allen: “He’ll be in the 31st century in Legion of Three Worlds,” said Johns, adding that he’ll be back in the Flash universe as of Flash: Rebirth.

And from the lightning round of questions:

Max Mercury? “Uh…maybe,” said Johns.

Kid Flash back in Titans? “We have to fight about that.”

“How many Flashes will you kill in Blackest Night?” “Not enough,” said DiDio.

“Any chance of a Young Justice trade paperback?” “Not at this time,” said Wayne. The crowd didn’t like that much (or at least the vocal portion).

Anything coming up for the Rogues? “Yeah, it’s called Flash: Rebirth