Mo’s Flash Volume 2 Reviews: Review One

Hey guys, its Mo! Really happy to be here, this is a really cool opportunity to share my reviews with people not on the ‘Bloc! Thanks Kelson!

Alright, here’s the first review, and when I did this one, I was just getting used to how I was going to go about this, so don’t worry it only gets better!

Flash #1, June 1987

Story overview:
In the beginning, Wally buys lotto tickets and 6 Baby Ruths. He gets home for a ‘surprise’ party, which he knew about. The Titans and Wally’s girlfriend Francine throw it for him and for about 5 minutes and they have a great time. Wally gets a pair of shoes with ‘a special fiberglass sole which is good for 100,000 KM at 700 MPH’ made by S.T.A.R. Labs from the Titans. At the party, Wally eats an enormous amount of hamburgers, as eating is a theme throughout the issue. Before they even get to the cake, the party is cut short by a phone call from a Dr. Aikens who tells him that he needs to deliver a heart for a transplant that won’t make it in time due to bad weather. Note that when Wally walks in his office, Dr. Aikens calls him Kid Flash, which is corrected by Wally as Flash. Wally says he’ll do it for a price which the Doc isn’t too happy about. The deal finally is decided for the hospital to call on Wally whenever they want, as long as they take care of his medical bills. On his way out, an unnamed doctor calls him Kid Flash again, to be corrected by another unnamed doctor. He runs for quite a while when he sees Vandal Savage killing a detective who was on Savage’s case. Wally runs the detective to the local police station and as he runs to give the heart transplant, he can’t get Savage’s name out of his head. He gets to the hospital just in time for when he passes out, and sleeps for seventeen hours before awaking in perfect health. He runs to McDonald’s and gets five double cheeseburgers and four chocolate malts before he comes back to the hospital to see the patient who he ran the heart for. She happens to be an author that Wally has read books from and talks with her for a while before returning home on an airplane. On the airplane, he stops a hijacking and sprains his hand in doing so. He has six dinners and sleeps until he gets off the plane. When he gets to his apartment, nobody is there but his happy birthday banner is still up. He turns on the TV and realizes he won the lotto when the lottery comes on. He sees a present which he didn’t see before he left, opens it and in it there is a heart. Like the type you’d find in a human. The issue ends with Vandal Savage in Wally’s apartment.

The story seemed a little flat to me and although there were some surprises (Vandal Savage and the heart present), I just didn’t feel like it was that intense. In the issue, Wally can’t top the speed of sound which really sets a slow pace for the book. It takes him something like three hours to get to Seattle from the hospital, which frankly isn’t that impressive. Of course at the time, his top speed was 705 MPH and that was very fast for him at the time, which compared to his speed today is fast. I guess if I was reading this in 1987 and I was used to Wally being that fast, I wouldn’t think twice of it. My favorite part of it was when he was stopping the plane hijackers, which took him all of three seconds. The way that part was paced was perfect. And when he jumps back into his seat, the guy next to him asks Wally, ‘Did you see that?’ which was a nice way to end the scene for me. The ending did make it so I want to read the next issue, so I’m going to go do that now!!

Writing: four out of five stars. I really liked this issue, but I’m holding back that one star because it didn’t seem like a first issue of a series to me.
Art: five out of five. I had no problems with the art.
Favorite Quote:
“All of a sudden, I’m a millionaire.” –Wally, page 20

Keep reading for issue #2!

Flash #2, July 1987

Story overview:
We enter as Vandal Savage is speaking to Wally which leads to a fight. Wally can’t run and to the police or even his apartment because Vandal put a magical spell on it so Wally has a hard time defeating him. Flash eventually throws Vandal out his door into the abyss Savage created with is spell. During the fight, Wally further injured his wrist. The next day, Wally goes to fast to collect his 6 ½ million dollars from the lotto he won. He goes too ‘Club Neon,’ a dance club with Francis. He eventually gets a bottle of wine sent to him from vandals savage who tracked him down and fights Wally and Francis until he gets thrown out a window. The next day Wally picks up Francis in his new Porsche and takes her to his new mansion on Long island.

No complaints about this issue. I liked how each time Wally got a cab; it was the same cabdriver who called him ‘Rockefeller’ because she won the Lotto. Cool story, I liked the fight scene at the ‘Club Neon’ specifically when Wally had to save a lady who Vandal threw out the window. Good pacing, I feel like more happened in this issue than the last one.

Writing: Five out of five stars. No complaints.
Art: Five out of five stars. Covers made me want to read the issue, interiors and were spot on.
Favorite Quote:
“Why do you kill, Vandal?” “I cannot die, therefore I kill.” –Wally, Vandal Savage, page 1

Panel of the review:
From Flash v. 2 #2,

Its like hitting a… Wally, come on man! I didnt need to know that!

More reviews to come later in the week! Happy Wednesday, go buy some new comics ;).



7 thoughts on “Mo’s Flash Volume 2 Reviews: Review One

  1. Kelson

    Welcome aboard!

    To repeat what I posted in the original discussion, I like the Vandal Savage quote for #2. It says a lot about his character. Though my favorite is from DC One Million. I’ve since looked it up:

    I remember a world without the wheel. I have seen empires bloom and wither and die. Brief as flowers. And, periodically, I have chosen to rule the Earth. This time I decided to wait until the competition was big enough and arrogant enough to make it worth humiliating…Let the games begin.

  2. bullseye

    I remember it took me awhile to adjust to Wally as the new Flash. This ish didn’t blow me away but I would have read anything new with the Flash after losing Barry.

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