More NYCC Flash Hints

Not a whole lot from the DC Universe panel on Saturday, but CBR and Newsarama had slightly different bits of information.

Newsarama’s take:

Johns gave some hints about Flash: Rebirth. “It starts April 1, April Fool’s Day. It will come out.” The writer talked about the return of Bart Allen, and said the goal is to have fun in the Flash universe in the same way they’re currently having fun with the Green Lantern universe.

CBR’s take:

Geoff Johns then discussed “The Flash: Rebirth,” which comes out on April 1, confirming that Bart Allen is back and will play a big part in the book.

Also: CBR has a picture of the Kid Flash fan with George Perez from Friday’s DC Nation panel.


7 thoughts on “More NYCC Flash Hints

  1. Lia

    At the big Toronto con in August, I saw a guy whose entire arm was covered in Flash-related tattoos (he had the Flash, Kid Flash, the logo…but no Jay Garrick IIRC). His other arm was bare, so I told him he should get the Rogues done on it, and he said people say that to him a lot 🙂

    I should have gotten a photo of him…

  2. Wally East

    At that same panel, towards the end when they were running out of time, Dan DiDio answered questions rapidfire-style. Someone said something about Wally that I couldn’t make out but DiDio said, “We never said Wally would only be in Titans.” Seems like good news.

    1. Kelson Post author

      According to Newsarama, that was Ian Sattler at DC Nation.

      I was very happy to hear the implication. Of course, it could simply have been an Aes Sedai truth.

  3. Wally East

    Yeah, okay, I’ll believe it was Sattler. I was in the middle of explaining something else to my wife when the question was asked.

    Aes Sedai. I learned something today.


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