Gazette on Flash: Rebirth

The Colorado Springs Gazette has an article on Flash: Rebirth. There’s not a whole lot new in it, but it’s a good round-up of what we know so far.

There are also a couple of quotes from Geoff Johns that I don’t recognize:

He’s [Barry Allen] been dead for so long, he’s viewed as kind of a saint. Imagine coming back and everyone saying you’re a saint, and having to live up to that.

We will be getting into a lot of his back story: a lot of why he is the way he is, why he has an interest in forensic science, why he has such a strong sense of justice.


1 thought on “Gazette on Flash: Rebirth

  1. cm22

    That first quote is one of the first things I’ve read in months that actually has me excited for rebirth (as opposed to dreading what they’ll do to the characters I love more than Barry).

    I always thought from a story telling perspective Barry as more powerful as a martyr figure, a saint figure. And one of the issues I had with bringing him back was having to now make him live up to that quality on a regular basis, but if that is actually dealt with as a story element it’s pretty interesting.


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