Speed Reading: Central City, Lightning Pants, Podcast

centralcityWith Barry Allen returning, it’s clear that Central City is going to get a lot more attention. The Absorbascon has calculated the size of Central City based on depictions in Flash comics, determining that it covers 62 times the area of Manhattan and contains 100 million people. Actually, the Absorbascon has a running feature on the vastness that is Central City.

Comic Coverage looks at the earliest costume tweaks for the Flash: the disappearing lightning bolts on Jay Garrick’s legs.

The Views from the Longbox podcast is starting a series of additional episodes focused on Flash: Rebirth, Views from the Speed Force.

4thletter has an interesting question: What’s your deal-breaker? What would cause you to drop a book, or a writer, or a publisher, or even comics altogether?


5 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Central City, Lightning Pants, Podcast

  1. Joseph Molina

    I have a “DC Atlas” with info on Central City and all of the DC earth. It is However deep in an uncatologed collection. I’ll look. Thank you, Barry’s very loyal fan.

  2. Joseph Molina

    Hey! I found it. ” The Atlas of the DC Universe” By Paul Kupperberg. It is a DC Heros roll playing game sourcebook. Published in ’90 It lists area and populations of lots of DC things. Central City is said to be in Missouri, with a pop of 750,ooo.


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