EVS Talks Flash at Word Balloon

The Word Balloon podcast interviews Ethan Van Sciver about Flash: Rebirth and Blackest Night. The post has a few excerpts in which he talks about Barry Allen’s origin pre-figuring the Marvel-style accident-based origin (of course Jay’s fits the same pattern), about returning to draw Bart Allen years after his run on Impulse, about the Flash Museum and Central & Keystone Cities’ obsession with the Rogues, and about the challenge of drawing a monthly comic.

I’m really going to have to listen to this when I get home (or maybe at lunch if I can find a USB cable).


5 thoughts on “EVS Talks Flash at Word Balloon

  1. Jason West

    you HAVE to listen to this, Kelson! (careful, it’s an hour and forty-someodd minutes though…)

    it’s a conversation though, not necessarily “talk about The Flash for the entire podcast!” you get to see into Ethan’s mind a bit…

    .-= Jason West’s latest blog post: 1 Week!!! =-.

  2. Kelson Post author

    I’ve gotten through a little over an hour of it in segments. Lots of interesting stuff, and funny stuff too. One of the Flash-related remarks I found interesting was, “Geoff Johns has read every Flash comic book. He knows of and anticipates your thoughts.”

    It turns out my phone can just stream the podcast, so I didn’t have to download the file and transfer it. I figure I’ll probably finish it on the way home from work.

  3. Jason West

    very cool…any fears that were still left over with me about this “new direction” have been officially vaporized…(i love Barry, i love Bart, i love Wally, i love Jay. ’nuff said.)

    the argument i came up with for this (and any other “controversial” miniseries’ is this: you don’t just watch the first 15 min of a movie and base any opinions you have of it on that and whatever news/trailers you see about it. watch the WHOLE thing, then we’ll talk. use that principle on this series and you’ll be much happier…

    .-= Jason West’s latest blog post: 1 Week!!! =-.

  4. cm22

    @Brandon I think that’s an interesting thing, trustworthyness. I feel like EVS isn’t caught up in the same Barry nostalgia that Geoff is (for a character he wasn’t even necessarily around to appreciate as anyone OTHER than a martyr). When EVS is talking about the characters I feel like he definitely wants to show Wally and Bart the respect they deserve, but is legitimately interested in seeing Barry stories told too, which is different than when other people talk about them. I definitely like hearing EVS talk about this stuff, especially his views on the Morrison/Millar run (SO underrated) and his run on Impulse.


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