Flash: Rebirth #2 Preview and Alternate Cover

DC has posted a 6-page preview and both the standard and alternate covers for next week’s Flash: Rebirth #2 to The Source.

Flash: Rebirth #2 (Standard Cover) Flash: Rebirth #2 (Alternate Cover)

Read on at The Source!

Edit: Does anyone else remember the Wonder Woman Plus Jesse Quick one-shot? In it, Savitar’s former acolyte, Christina, sought revenge against him by trying to “rob him of his victory” and pull him out of the speed force against his will.


3 thoughts on “Flash: Rebirth #2 Preview and Alternate Cover

  1. West

    Yeah, I’ve got that one-shot. I kinda remember Christina being in it, but I didn’t recall her aims regarding Savitar.

    I’m sooooo tempted to dig up that ish.

    .-= West’s latest blog post: Comics for sale =-.

  2. Craig MD

    Never read the Wonder Woman one-shot. Cool to see Christina again though. Bring back Lady Flash!


    That said, the 6 page preview looks good, much better than the first issue preview that was given. Nice to see Barry going to Wally for help as Savitar was one of his enemies.

  3. Dreamreaver

    I so want that variant.

    Too bad regular-sized comics are expensive enough as it is here in Australia =(


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