Speed Reading: Rebirth Wednesday

Flash continues to take the internet by storm! I’ll stick with non-spoiler posts here (except for the preview below), and save links to people who’ve actually read it for the next round-up. Buzz on Twitter has been extremely positive so far.

Newsarama has a list of Top 10 Flash Stories as chosen by Geoff Johns, Mark Waid, and Ethan Van Sciver

DC’s new blog, The Source has a new 8-page preview of Flash:Rebirth #1 — different from the 5 pages released for New York Comic-Con.

Nerduary wonders, Do We Really Need a Flash: Rebirth?.

Another one I missed over the weekend: The Flash-back podcast previews Flash: Rebirth.

Ervin Anderson says that Batman is dead and DC is dying (hint: Batman isn’t really dead — the last few pages of Final Crisis make that clear), but that what is good about DC is “anything written by Geoff Johns.”

Newsarama plugs Mark Waid’s Irredeemable in its Best Shots Extra column.

Progressive Ruin lists this week’s “staff picks” with (naturally) some, shall we say, interesting commentary on Flash: Rebirth.

YesButNoButYes looks at this weeks’ comics and contemplates Flash: Rebirth‘s chances for success at redefining Barry Allen as the One True FlashTM.


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  1. Craig MD

    Newsarama also has a poll “Who’s Your Favorite Flash?” running, with Wally leading (at the moment) with 65%. Barry is in second with 20%.

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