Vote! Flash vs. Batman

He’s outraced Death…blotted out Rorschach…clobbered the Thing…and raced past Superman himself! The Flash (Wally West) has made it to the Final Four in Comics Should Be Good’s DC/Marvel Character Tourney.

With just two rounds to go, Flash is up against Batman. The winner will go on to the final round, against either Spider-Man or Captain America.

Dark Knight or Scarlet Speedster? Your vote will decide!

So dash over to the poll and vote!

Update: In the end, Batman defeated the Flash 57% to 43% (633 votes to 468). Batman will go up against Spider-Man for a DC vs. Marvel final round.

Batman and Flash


5 thoughts on “Vote! Flash vs. Batman

  1. Jason West


    my comicbookgeekfriend’s top 3 since…forever have been Batman/Spider-Man/Captain America, and mine were The Flash III/Green Lantern V, so it’s weird that those would be the top 4…

    (btw: current faves? The Flash II/Kid Flash II)

    .-= Jason West’s latest blog post: 1 Week!!! =-.

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