Quick Thoughts: Twitter Through 2009-05-31

  • Dear CBLDF: Thank you for the invitation to your party…but next time, please mention what CITY your event is in. (I’m guessing NYC) #
  • Rumor column Lying in the Gutters ends, @richjohnston launches BleedingCool.com #
  • Retweeting @ComicBookLegacy: Optimus Prime invades Luxor Casino #
  • Alan Burnett’s First Flight pitch: “Green Lantern as Training Day” #
  • Wow…SDCC is completely sold out almost 2 months before the event. #
  • Sounds like DC is leaning toward a new Flash #1 #
  • Apparently the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (defending freedom of speech for comic creators, retailers, and readers) is on Twitter @cbldf #
  • Need to figure out what to do for my 500th blog post. Meanwhile, it’s lunch, comic store, post office and gas station. Possible in 1 hour? #
  • Not 100% certain it’s an official account for the con, but @LongBeach_CC (Oct 2-4) lists Geoff Johns as a guest. #
  • Finally read The Stars My Destination. Surprised that super-speed shows up at one point. #

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