Speed Reading — Flash: Rebirth #2 Review Round-Up

A bunch of reviews of Flash: Rebirth #2

Weekly Crisis – “For a book and character that thrives on speed, Rebirth has been a slow and plodding pace that threatens to bore me before Geoff Johns ever really makes me care about Barry Allen’s return or the new grimmer and darker motivation for the Silver Age character.”

Rokk’s Comic Book Revolution – “a good read that still had a few defects that might turn off some readers. I do think that most Flash fans will enjoy The Flash: Rebirth #2. Johns has done his best to try and make Barry accessible to all fans regardless of which Flash you grew up with. ”

Comic Book Resources – “The problem is, right now it feels like nothing is happening. There’s a whole lot of talking and reminiscing, but remarkably little forward movement in a book that is titled The Flash.

IGN – “At its core, the problem with Rebirth is the way it presents the vast tapestry that is the Flash mythology. There are countless speedsters running around these pages, most of whom dash in and out of the book in rapid succession and with little impact.”

Rikdad – “readers who feel like they need to scan dozens of old back issues can sit back and relax. There is a wealth of old material there, but the road ahead is cutting its own path.”

Comic Book Legacy – “the biggest problem I am having with this series, as of this issue, is the lack of an actual physical threat in the story”

Four Color Media Monitor – “this latest forced darkening of another Silver Age hero whose background was better when it was brighter.”

Read/RANT – “This book is entertaining. You probably won’t be bored. But I kind of wonder who it’s aimed at.”

Reilly 2040 – “I’m aware I’m sounding very down on the series here, and I don’t really mean to. While there are aspects that aren’t quite clicking in this issue, I’m still excited for the series as a whole, and events in this issue are key to the rest of the series”

The Homeworld – “Geoff Johns is trying to bring him back to life, but unfortunatly, the Barry Allen we all know seems to be dead.”

Major Spoilers – “I liked this issue a lot more than the first, mostly because of the insight into Barry’s state of mind. ”

Comix 411 – “A good mystery so far and I’m starting to get into the character of Barry Allen. The only Flash I’ve known has been Wally so this is a bit of a virgin experience. Looking forward to more. ”

Nerdage – video

Tpull’s Weekly DC Comics Review – “Get this now, unless you’re of the type that just cannot stand a little mystery.”

Comics And…Other Imaginary Tales – “The art on this book is just outstanding….The story is where I’m having issues with this book.”

Speaking of Comics – “There are some great set pieces in this book….But I couldn’t help feeling the overall effect of what should be a monumental, groundbreaking comic, came up short.”

Newsarama Best Shots – “I was one of the people who found last month’s debut issue to be more funeral than homecoming, so I was pleased that Flash: Rebirth #2 to be a much more uplifting bit of superhero storytelling.”

Shipmates!: “I am filled with shock, confusion, understanding, horror, omfg I dunno if that’s awesome or not sort of things with my jaw hanging open and a few hours afterwards where I was just wandering around in a haze of trying to grasp what is going on with my beloved Flashes.” (She follows up with a flashback on the Black Flash)

Bureau 42 – “This is an original take on a character returning from the dead. I think this is the first time when the returning character struggled but others didn’t.”

Comic Book Bin – “the mystery of Barry’s return– and the surprising twist on the last page– really do grab the reader”

Comic Per Day – “This issue went a long way towards making Barry a character I’m interested in seeing more of. Just make sure Wally stays in the picture.”

Bee Boy’s Killer Sting – “If you are going to change a character so much, especially his personality, then you may have as well created something new.”

That’s a Wrap – “This latest rebirth is coming across as DC’s worst attempt to reintegrate a character in more than a decade.”

Flash-Back Podcast (audio)

Not exactly a review, but Daily Scans weighs in on the bow tie, Barry’s parents, and Wonder Woman.

There’s also my own review of the book.

Finally, there’s Comic Book Critics Round-up, which assigns scores to each review to try to get an overall sense of critic and reader response.


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