How Long is Flash: Rebirth, Anyway?

Ever since Flash: Rebirth was announced last summer, there’s been confusion as to how long he miniseries was going to be. Some sources said six issues, others said five. Finally DC solicited the first issue as #1 of 5, and it seemed settled…

…until DC announced it was being extended to six issues.

Ethan Van Sciver explains what happened after a fan asks what changed to make the story longer:

It’s not that simple. DC offered us 5 issues, but we were always planning for 6. Geoff had it mapped out for 6. DC basically told us to knock their socks off and for me to meet my deadlines, and they’d give us the 6th issue. So we did, and they did!

But even if we hadn’t, we’d have picketed for that 6th issue. We needed the space, were expecting it, and it really should be the same length as GL: REBIRTH.

That explains a lot — not only the extension, but the confusion early on as to whether it was going to be 5 or 6 to begin with.

(via SpeedsterSite)


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