Geoff Johns: Flash News Coming Soon

With that single sentence on Comic Bloc, Flash: Rebirth writer Geoff Johns touched off a flood of speculation. DC has been very quiet about the post-Rebirth plans for the scarlet speedster, though it seems obvious they plan at least one new ongoing series (if not more).

Of course, Comic-Con International is next week, and chances are excellent that the news will be announced at next Friday’s DC Nation panel. It was at that panel last year that DC announced Flash: Rebirth in an almost offhand way: Dan Didio introduced Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver as working on “Barry Allen: Rebirth.”

Speculation at Comic Bloc has turned to an unspecified Geoff Johns/Gary Frank project coming up after Superman: Secret Origin and to a mysterious “Top Secret Forum” that has just appeared in the Geoff Johns section of the site. The forum is likely related to something else, as Comic Bloc has a history of combining related topics: The Flash topic was retitled as Flash: Rebirth, Green Lantern is now Blackest Night/Green Lantern, and so on.

My guess: At DC Nation, Dan Didio will announce the creative team and start date for the new Flash ongoing with Barry Allen and for the Flash: Blackest Night miniseries. It would be great if they’re planning a second ongoing, but even if they are, I don’t think we’ll get one right away. More likely a miniseries showcasing Wally West, or a second feature featuring Bart Allen as Kid Flash.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I plan to attend the DC Nation panel next week, and will probably be live-tweeting it (or at least the Flash-relevant bits) at @SpeedForceOrg. If all goes well, those posts should also get imported to a live blog entry here on Speed Force.


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