Not Just One Flash Book?

From the latest 20 Questions with Dan Didio:

12. Is there word on a creative team for Flash post Rebirth? Obviously, it’s assumed that Geoff [Johns] will be writing it…

DD: Yes it is, it is assumed. (laughs)

NRAMA: What are the chances that Ethan will join him?

DD: Right now, we’ve got Ethan [Van Sciver] and Geoff pushing pretty hard on Flash: Rebirth, and once we get a little closer, we’ll be announcing the team on the Flash monthly comic. It’s all part of a bigger announcement, because it’s not just about one Flash book. [emphasis added]


The obvious implication here is that there will be more than one Flash-related series spinning out of Flash: Rebirth. We can probably safely assume that one will be The Flash, starring Barry Allen, written by Geoff Johns. As for the other(s), Didio may simply be referring to the 3-issue miniseries, Blackest Night: The Flash, which starts in November. DC hasn’t announced the creative team for that book, either, so they could be planning to announce the mini and the ongoing together.

But what if he is talking about something more ambitious? What might a second Flash-related book be?

  • Kid Flash, starring Bart Allen?
  • Flash Family, starring Wally West and the twins?
  • Flashback (i.e. Flash: Classified), featuring stories of Barry, Wally, and/or Jay in times gone by?
  • All-Flash, starring a speedster team or rotating cast?
  • The Rogues, starring…well…the Rogues?

What else would you like to see? What else would you expect to see?

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21 thoughts on “Not Just One Flash Book?

  1. Christopher Schmitt

    I would go for a Bart Allen Kid Flash book–as long as the energy that Mark Waid brought into the character didn’t fade or get misinterpreted.

  2. fastest

    I would love to see the second book be a Kid Flash book. Bart is my favorite comic book character, I can’t get enough (did you read the Adventure Comics #1 preview?). I would love to see him again in his own book.

    However, I am a fan who wants all Flash fans to be happy, and therefore, if the All-Flash rotating cast book came out I would be more than happy. Or even there just being a Kid Flash backup feature in one of the books. Or even Bart being back in Teen Titans, or as Barry’s sidekick in his ongoing. Give me a little Bart, and give everyone else at least a little piece of their favorite Flash too.

  3. Aleclom

    If they could make an All-Flash companion, similar to how Green Lantern Corps features all of the Green Lanterns who aren’t in Hal’s Green Lantern series, then that would be amazing. Wally, Linda, their kids, Bart, Jay, maybe Jesse, and possibly Max and/or Johnny if they somehow manage to come back.

    1. Kelson Post author

      The GL/GL Corps precedent definitely offers some hope for those of us who would like to see other Flashes hang on to some of the spotlight.

  4. Wally ~

    Finally something. But please, take this Rebirth guys off. They’re doing a very bad job now, why keep it going?

    It’s not a guess, but a wish: I’d love to see Wally and Bart back on their own. I don’t like Barry how it’s being portrayed now, but it sure’ll come something. Don’t really care.

    Max is a very helpful figure. He could also come back.

    Honestly, my wishes are to have all Flashes back. I just need something. Can’t take getting nothing. Team’s are just too little. Speedsters need spotlight again. Miss back when we had more than one Flash’s a month. Those were GREAT ol’ days.

    Besides, non-Flash fans are lovin’ Rebirth here in Brazil. Such as you guys predicted somewhere I can’t remeber. Damn!

  5. fastest

    Oh, and if this big announcement about the future of the Flash titles happens to be at San Diego Comic Con, make sure you take extensive notes for all of us trapped thousands of miles away, okay Kelson?

    1. Kelson Post author

      I’ll do my best, but judging by last year they’ll have pre-arranged secret interviews with Newsarama and/or CBR and have them set to post during the panel.

  6. Moonflash

    Just one book seemed good enough, but i’d like to read also the stories about Bart Allen, they have not been kind with him.

  7. Neal Alhadeff

    I’d like an All-Flash title featuring two stories each issues rotating between Jay, Wally, and Bart. A couple of times a year, there could be a full-length story featuring all four Flashes.

  8. kcflash

    I would be so happy to see an All-Flash family series that would allow us to continue to follow the “family” from this point forward.

  9. profzoom

    Wally has had his own series for 20+ years. If this were to come to an end, I would be sad. Hopefully, enough other people would also be sad that TPTB realize that one of the future Flash-titles (if in fact using the plural is not just a pipe dream) should be a Wally-centric title.
    .-= profzoom’s latest blog post: Flash: Rebirth #3 =-.

  10. papa zero

    If theyre giving Wally a new costume – they may very well be giving him a new name… if this is the case he may get a new “mission statement” and a chance at being viable. If they do this I think they’ll probably test the waters with a limited series first.

  11. Luke

    I would like to see Wally get a solo run with his new costume and possible new direction ala Red Robin over in the Batman side of things. That would certainly be a bone to the Wally fans out there.

    My first thought was All-Flash, and rotating stories/speedsters/creative teams, though. It would be like Flash: Classified in that sense.
    .-= Luke’s latest blog post: Waiting In The Wings — 7/1/2009 =-.

  12. Kid Chameleon

    I don’t trust them not to screw this up. I’ll be honest. They’ve been screwing the Flash up for years now with just a single title. Now they want to go for broke and try multiple titles? It’s obvious they don’t entirely trust Barry’s return to garner enough sales, so they’re going to appeal to the other fans by copying what they did with GL. Keep the other fans happy and hope that it keeps the main title afloat.

    If this is a Flash family title, that keeps all of the Flashes in the spotlight at least slightly, then my comparison to the GL: Rebirth is complete. All they need is a rainbow of emotionally charged speedsters in a few years to cement the cloning.

  13. Wally East

    Something that one might call Wally: The Brave and the Fast. Wally teams up various speedsters and sometimes his kids. Not just single-issue stories but longer arcs, too.

    In any event, this has me fairly hopeful the other book will be at least somewhat focused on Wally.
    .-= Wally East’s latest blog post: Free Ice Cream =-.

  14. Zen

    I think they’re going to call it “Speed Force.” Look at the solicitation for issue #6:
    “…and get to the starting line for the next epic adventures of the Speed Force!”

    I think they’re using “Speed Force” as a team name, sort of like the Green Lantern Corps. So instead of “Speed Force” meaning what it’s meant in the past, it’s going to mean a collection of speedsters, including Jay, Wally, Bart, and whoever else isn’t dead.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Hmm, they did use the title for a one-shot in 1997. I’m not sure I like it as a comic book title, though — and not just because I don’t want to get a letter from DC’s lawyers demanding I change my blog title! 😀

  15. jay128

    Well, like Geoff Johns stated before- “…we want to do to The Flash what he did to GL.” so there will probably be 2 flash series, The Flash with Barry Allen by Geoff Johns, and a series with Jay, Wally, and Bart

  16. KD

    I would love to see “The impulsive adventures of Kid Flash”. Matter of fact, it wouldn’t even have to be an ongoing, i would just like a mini of Bart zooming around the DCU and wrapping up some loose ends from the Impulse series (hell at least 1 issue with him revisiting his old supporting cast).


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