Quick Thoughts: Weekly Twitter for 2009-07-12 (including CCI Schedule)

  • RT @karlkerschl: Win a piece of original art! There’s a ‘Wednesday Comics’ contest on the ‘Abominable’ site. #
  • Retweeting @weeklycrisis: Road to Blackest Night post is up. #
  • I almost couldn’t get past the “Holy XYZ!” headline for this Wednesday Comics article. #
  • Found some Golden-Age crack in an email from eBay. Will post tonight once I can check against an item in my collection. (And here it is!) #
  • Bought this week: House of Mystery, Unwritten, Wednesday Comics & Wheel of Time: Eye of the World. Will prob read Wed & Unwritten first. #
  • Wow…snarkiest review of Wednesday Comics – or rather, its format – that I’ve seen yet. #
  • So, in addition to Flash: Rebirth, Batman Reborn, Captain America Reborn, and Fallen Angel Reborn, there’s Arkham Reborn. #
  • Interesting thought: When was the last time a speedster other than the Flash or Impulse had an ongoing solo comic? #
  • On another note: The Unwritten continues to be excellent. #
  • EVS confirmed for Fan Expo Canada next month #
  • RT @collecteditions: New Hallmark Flash ornament (Xmas in July, indeed!) looks like Barry, but says it’s Wally on the back of the box. #
  • Getting really frustrated with I Tweet. If only Twidroid supported multiple accounts! As it is, I may juggle Twitter apps during SDCC #
  • Flash: Rebirth #3 at #10 in rankings for June. #
  • Counted pages in Flash: Rebirth #1: 30 story pages. No, $3.99 did not pay for the Power Girl preview. Why do people complain w/o checking? #
  • Some nifty Flash (and other superhero) art here. #
  • Would the Flash need pockets? He can always run home and grab anything he’s not carrying. #

Comic-Con International Build-Up

  • Found 15 panels I’m interested in on Thursday #SDCC w/ way too much overlap. Will prob. have to pare down to 5 at most #
  • Srsly, scheduling The Physics of Hollywood to overlap The Science Behind Science Fiction? Gonna have to go with @BadAstronomer #
  • Most useful power for navigating SDCC: time travel. Never be late to a panel, no schedule conflicts, etc. (answering @theTVaholic) #
  • Crowds would make super-speed less useful at SDCC than you might expect. Unless you have super-crowd-weaving too. #
  • Comic-con resources for #followfriday: @Comic_Con (official), @SD_Comic_Con (news), @sdcomiccon (guide) #
  • Comic-Con hashtag consensus looks like #sdcc rather than #comiccon, #cc09, or #cci09. You can rename the con, but the initials live on. #
  • Argh! 9 overlaps w/ DC Nation! Really want to see 9, but feel obligated to hit DC! #
  • Outbreak of common sense: SDCC moves Twilight up, making it possible to get into the Avatar presentation. #
  • Still 2 other Hall H presentations b4 Twilight, tho. Seems like it would be obvious to put the most popular event first, but what do I know? #

Be sure to also check out three week’s worth of Comic-Con Tips, which I’ve been posting daily on Twitter.

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