Flash: Rebirth Ranked #10 for June, Still Over 80K

IcV2 has released sales estimates for June, and Flash: Rebirth #3 is still in the top-ten…but only barely, edged out by the start of Captain America: Reborn and a zillion Dark Avengers books.

Issue Rank Units Sold Change
Flash: Rebirth #1 (of 6) 2 102,429 +286.6%
Flash: Rebirth #2 (of 6) 4 86,183 -15.9%
Flash: Rebirth #3 (of 6) 10 83,086 -3.6%

From what I understand, it’s typical for a miniseries to drop sharply from #1-#2 and then slowly over the course of the series, so this is probably not unexpected. It’s also worth noting that the drop in rankings from #4 to #10 seems steeper than it actually is, since overall sales for June went up. And it’s still the fourth-highest-selling Flash issue of the decade, after Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1 and the first two issues of Flash: Rebirth.

Down near the bottom of the chart, DC also managed to sell another 6,405 copies of issue #1 “variant edition,” presumably the third printing. I understand DC is actually planning a fourth printing of the book, possibly unprecedented in the history of The Flash. No word on whether any subsequent issues will be reprinted prior to next year’s hardcover collection.


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