Speed Reading: Infantino, Fan Films, Johns at Meltdown & Isotope, and EVS

Some linkblogging for the weekend:

Two Artists and a Writer

NYC Graphic Novelists has an interview with Carmine Infantino. He talks about growing up in the depression, breaking into the fledgling comic industry, building the Silver Age, and his tenure as editor at DC. Update: There’s been some fallout from this interview, with Infantino feeling he was misrepresented.

Geoff Johns will appear at a Blackest Night launch party at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles on Tuesday, July 14. Update: The Tuesday event at Meltdown has been canceled. He will also be signing at Isotope Comics in San Francisco on Saturday, July 18.

The Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast has an interview with Ethan Van Sciver. It’s long at 99 minutes, but it’s worth a listen. He talks about everything from deadlines and inking to why he’s drawing Iris Allen younger to designs for Black Lanterns.


The Captain’s JLA Blog reviews “Speed Demons”, the Superman: The Animated Series episode that guest-starred the Flash and introduced the scarlet speedster to the DC Animated Universe.

The Flash-Back Podcast reviews The Return of Barry Allen.

Fan Creations

Flash endorses Green Lantern for Mayor! (via Robot6)

The Heretics Blog has a collection of fan films, including the Flash getting a speeding ticket.


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