Flash: Rebirth #4-6 Rescheduled, Will Finish in November

Flash: Rebirth #4DC has delayed Flash: Rebirth #4 again to August 26, making it a full 2 1/2 months after issue #3. Additionally, they’ve rescheduled issues #5 and 6.

Flash: Rebirth #4 August 26 2 1/2 months after #3
Flash: Rebirth #5 October 14 1 1/2 months after #4
Flash: Rebirth #6 November 18 25 1 month after #5

That pushes them up to a deadline, because Blackest Night: Flash is supposed to spin out of Flash: Rebirth and start in November December [Edit: see comment thread]. Presumably it will need to line up with the rest of the Blackest Night tie-in miniseries (though we saw how well that worked with Final Crisis). Fortunately, Blackest Night: Flash is being drawn by a different artist, so Scott Kolins can start work on it while Ethan Van Sciver is still working on Flash: Rebirth.

Update August 13: On DC’s website, issue #6 has been pushed back another week to November 25.


On a related note, Ethan Van Sciver has posted the final cover to Flash: Rebirth #4 on his Facebook page. It’s very similar to the solicited one, with some color alterations. He mentioned on the Half-Hour Wasted podcast a few weeks ago that the solicited covers for #4-6 were all altered to prevent spoilers. I’m going to go on record here and predict that the final cover for #5 will be exactly like what we’ve seen, only the Black Flash carrying Professor Zoom’s lightning wand will be recolored as Professor Zoom.


11 thoughts on “Flash: Rebirth #4-6 Rescheduled, Will Finish in November

  1. Kelson Post author

    Ethan Van Sciver has claimed responsibility as a slow artist in a couple of podcast interviews earlier this month. He’s also said that one of the things he’s trying to do with Flash: Rebirth is learn how to draw more quickly without sacrificing quality, so that in the future he’ll be able to work on ongoing series.

  2. john joyce

    i love ethan, i think he is a great guy, but maybe just maybe he shouldn’t do so many podcasts, newsarama work and play on the f****** internet all the time. its called having a job we all have to do it, maybe he should too

    1. Kelson Post author

      FWIW, the last podcast he did, he said he was drawing while they were talking to him.

      And it’s been months since I’ve seen one of his Newsarama columns.

      1. john joyce

        ok, ill give you that but do you really want him working while talking to a bunch of dudes on a podcast? i know NOTHING about art and dont pretend to, but im pretty sure whatever he was doing was not drawing #4 and if so, he really should just stay in his office for 8 hours a day or whatever and concentrate, maybe things would get done faster..im just saying

        1. Kelson Post author

          Well, he said he was drawing Flash: Rebirth #4. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t, but everything I know about the way he draws (which admittedly is mostly gleaned from interviews and other people’s comments) says that he’s very meticulous and takes a long time to get things done just right.

          It’s entirely possible that he has been working 8 hours a day or more. It’s also possible that he’s been goofing off. Personally, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  3. Ted

    Personally, I’m glad he’s taking his time rather than give us sub-par work. Besides, the lateness of the book isn’t gonna matter when the trade comes out.

    Other books that were late: GL:Rebirth… do we even care now that one was late?

    How about this one:

    Yeah. That totally ruined the book, didn’t it?

  4. I.Strange

    That pushes them up to a deadline, because Blackest Night: Flash is supposed to spin out of Flash: Rebirth and start in November.

    In his annoucement of BN:F, Johns said it begins December. Looks like it’s already been pushed back.

    1. Kelson Post author

      December. *sigh*

      I must have been caught up in the announcement of the creative team and didn’t catch the fact that it wasn’t the month I expected it to be.

      I wonder whether all the second-half Blackest Night tie-ins start in December, or just this one?


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