Interest Still High for Flash: Rebirth #4

Yesterday I ran a quick poll on Twitter and Facebook asking people whether they were excited about Flash: Rebirth #4, due to hit shelves today. Of the 23 responses so far, 3/4 said they were excited or looking forward to the book, with 57% choosing the “excited” option. Only one person each (4%) said they were “dreading” it or were buying it, but not particularly interested. 17% (4 people) responded that they had lost interest.

Obviously the sample size is tiny. Issue #3 sold 83,000 copies, so extrapolating from 23 people isn’t terribly useful. And of course it’s self-selected to represent people who were interested enough in the Flash to follow either my Twitter account or Facebook page, and checked in yesterday or this morning.

The poll’s still open — I couldn’t tell what time it would close, so I gave it Thursday as the closing day — so the results could change. The ranking looks solid, though.


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