Cosplay Photos: Flashes & Rogues at Dragon*Con

Just from what I’ve seen on Flickr, there were a ton of Flash-related costumes at Dragon*Con this year.

Golden Age Flash Flash by leefly Zoom The Flash - Dragoncon 2009 Dragon Con 2009 Dragon Con 2009 The Flash & Heat Wave - Dragon*Con 2009 Flash Rogues Flash Rogues - Death of Bart Allen Flash Rogues - Impulse's Revenge Smallville Impulse Smallville Justice Flash and Black Canary Justice League P9060011 Grail Knight and Flash

Looking through these photos, be sure to notice:

  • The Flash’s secret revealed: Red Bull!
  • The Grail Knight (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) asks the Flash to choose wisely.
  • Smallville-style Impulse
  • The entire frakking Rogues’ Gallery!

The Rogues’ Gallery group not only did an incredible job on their costumes, but got together for an extended photo shoot…and hung out at a bar afterward, in full costume. You can read all about it, with dozens of photos, in xanykaos’ (Trickster II) post on flash_rogues, A Meeting of Rogues. (Thanks to Lia for the link!)


4 thoughts on “Cosplay Photos: Flashes & Rogues at Dragon*Con

  1. Chase Lawless

    Hey! That’s my red bull 🙂

    I’m also the one in the Smallville Impulse.

    Thanks for the notice guys… there are plenty more where that comes from. We’re talking about the Justice Lords next year.


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