Tweeting Long Beach Comic-Con 2009

  • First view of the Long Beach convention center. I haven’t been here in ages. #
  • Last time I was here, I don’t think there was a mall across the street! #
  • Realized I’ve walked by the gold Boba Fett 4 or 5 times w/o stopping to take a photo. I am so jaded. #
  • Flash news from DC Nation panel (in other post)
  • Mark Waid: if DC did an animated Flash feature, he would want Will Wheaton to voice Wally West. #
  • Waid on appeal of superheroes: Nobody knows what it’s like to have super-speed, but everyone knows what it’s like to wish you were faster. #
  • Waid on writing: find the method that works for you and embrace it. Don’t beat yourself up over what doesn’t. #
  • Taking a break from the con to wander outside. Will head back for the Mark Waid signing at 2:30. #
  • Primary goals achieved! Panels & signings by Mark Waid & Geoff Johns. Now an iced mocha, then back to the floor. #

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Update: Full write-up and photos are now online!