Poll Results: When Will Flash: Rebirth Finish?

Okay, so maybe the question itself is a bit of a cheap shot, but with the number of times issues #4–6 have been rescheduled, it seems a fair question. At this time, Flash: Rebirth #6 is scheduled for December 23, 2009, just five weeks after issue #5 comes out. But with 3-month gaps between issues #3, #4 and #5, it’s certainly not hard to imagine the schedule might slip again.

December 23, 2009 18% 19 votes                    
January 6, 2010 7% 7 votes        
January 13, 2010 10% 11 votes            
January 20, 2010 9% 10 votes           
January 27, 2010 14% 15 votes                
February 2010 20% 21 votes                      
March 2010 4% 4 votes     
April 2010 or later 18% 19 votes                    

A note about the options: December 23 is in there because it’s the current schedule. I figured January, February, and March would be too simplistic, but listing every week would get too complicated, so I listed individual weeks for January and just the months for February and March. April seems unlikely to me, but stranger things have happened *cough* Legion of Three Worlds *cough*. (I left off December 30 because Diamond isn’t shipping any comics that week, though DC has worked out a special shipment of Blackest Night.)

So, about the results:

The most popular option was February 2010 (with 20% of the vote), but if you lump all the January options together, they take up 40% of the results. Of the January dates, the last week was the most popular.

Interestingly, the same number of people (18% each) predicted that the final issue would ship in December as predicted that it would ship in April or later, tying for second place (or third, depending on how you count the January votes). I guess there are the same number of optimists and pessimists among the respondents. 😀

Also odd: while February and April-and-later both got large chunks of the vote, March 2010 actually got fewer votes than any individual week of January.


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