Quick Notes: Reading Wheel of Time, Schedules, Poll

Wheel of Time: The Gathering StormLast week, the new Wheel of Time novel, The Gathering Storm, came out. This is the first of three books that will conclude the epic fantasy series, based on the late Robert Jordan’s unfinished manuscript and extensive notes. My wife finished it over the weekend, so now it’s my turn. If I don’t post later this week, it’s because I’m reading, not writing! (Actually, I’ll probably post a couple more “classic” items from my other blog. I have a few left over that I didn’t use in September.)

At 5PM EST today, Diamond will post their shipping lists for this week and next. If Flash: Rebirth #5 is on the list, it’s almost certain that it’ll arrive in stores next week. Update: So much for that idea.

I’m not sure what time it closes today, but my poll on conventions and travel distance is still open. If you haven’t voted, please stop in and let me know the farthest you’ve traveled for a con.


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