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How Big Is DC: The Art of Modern Mythmaking?

Just how big is 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking? Well, my first thought on opening the box was “Holy crap, this thing’s bigger than my kid!”

Granted, he’s still kind of small (just barely two months old), but the book is huge. 16 inches high, 12 inches across, 3 inches thick. 14.4 pounds. (J weighed in at 10 pounds, 4 ounces a couple of days later.) It comes with its own cardboard carrying case with a handle.

Yes, it comes with its own luggage! Robert Jordan joked about shipping the conclusion to The Wheel of Time with its own luggage cart, but Taschen actually followed through!

But these numbers are still kind of abstract. How does it stack up against other books?

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Stalled With One Issue Left

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that a lot of the indie comics I read don’t have fixed schedules. In a few cases, it goes beyond that, and the comics are, as near as I can tell, totally stalled — in some cases for years. Maddeningly, there are a few that are stalled just one issue from the conclusion!

Planetary #27 was one of these, but the epilogue issue finally came out last month. I was beginning to wonder whether Ignition City #5 was headed the same way, once it got to three months after the fourth issue, but the last issue finally came out in October.

Currently, I’m waiting for…

Gemini #5

Gemini #4(Image) This five-issue miniseries from Jay Faerber and Jon Sommariva about a super-hero whose secret identity doesn’t know he’s a super-hero (sort of like that TV show with Christian Slater last year) started off solidly, then quickly went off the rails scheduling-wise. I didn’t even realize how late it had gotten until I looked for it a few days ago and found a reference to the original solicitation: It was supposed to wrap in September 2008! The longest gap was between #3 and #4 (which came out this past July).

Status: The artist is currently working on the issue…along with a bunch of other projects.

Update (March 2011) Still not finished. According to Jay Faerber, “Jon Sommariva has the script, so it’s in his hands now.

Robert Jordan’s New Spring #8 – COMPLETED! (May 2010)

Robert Jordan's New Spring #1(Dabel Bros.) This 8-issue miniseries adapting the Wheel of Time prequel launched in August 2005, produced by Dabel Bros. and published by Red Eagle Entertainment. After a couple of issues it got to be very sporadic as the studio and publisher started to feud, and it ceased publication entirely after #5 came out in early 2006.

Two years later (summer 2008), Dabel Bros. announced that they would start adapting the main Wheel of Time series, but at the time had no plans to complete New Spring. Finally, in April 2009, they announced that they’d be finishing the miniseries. #6 came out in May, along with a prologue to the new series, then I waited…#7 came out in August… Now there’s just one issue left, but there’s been no sign of New Spring #8 anywhere. For that matter, Eye of the World seems to have stalled after just one issue. Meanwhile, Bleeding Cool has been reporting financial problems — like not paying artists — and Dabel Bros. website has gone offline.

Status: It doesn’t look promising, but then the series has already come back from the dead once. I believe Tor (Robert Jordan’s publisher) has the rights to publish the collected edition. Maybe if Dabel Bros. can’t finish it in miniseries form, Tor can step in, finance the last chapter, and just sell it as a hardcover? I’d certainly buy it.

Update (April 2010): I may be able to cross this one off the list soon. Dynamite (who has taken over Dabel Brothers’ catalog) has scheduled the last issue for June!

Update (May 2010): The final issue of New Spring arrived on May 12, 2010! Dynamite has also relaunched the Eye of the World adaptation.

The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles #4 – COMPLETED! (April 2011)

Oz/Wonderland Chronicles #4 (Preview)(BuyMeToys.com) Simple premise: Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz have grown up and left behind the worlds they think were simply childhood fantasies, and are now roommates in (IIRC) Chicago (Their other roommates include Wendy from Peter Pan and an obvious analog of Susan from the Narnia books). Of course, their pasts were real, and now they’re being called upon to return to those worlds and help them. The four-issue miniseries was coming out about once a year starting in 2005, but it’s been at least two years since issue #3.

Status: They released a preview of #4 at Chicago Comic-Con this year, and the website says it’ll be out “early 2010.”

Update (June 2010): I’ve found several stores listing an August 25, 2010 release date, but the official website doesn’t say anything. We’ll see.

Update (April 2011): The fourth issue finally came out on April 13, 2011 — three years after the previous issue and six since the first. Meanwhile, they launched a sequel, “Jack and Cat Tales,” before they actually finished the first series.

Quick Notes: Reading Wheel of Time, Schedules, Poll

Wheel of Time: The Gathering StormLast week, the new Wheel of Time novel, The Gathering Storm, came out. This is the first of three books that will conclude the epic fantasy series, based on the late Robert Jordan’s unfinished manuscript and extensive notes. My wife finished it over the weekend, so now it’s my turn. If I don’t post later this week, it’s because I’m reading, not writing! (Actually, I’ll probably post a couple more “classic” items from my other blog. I have a few left over that I didn’t use in September.)

At 5PM EST today, Diamond will post their shipping lists for this week and next. If Flash: Rebirth #5 is on the list, it’s almost certain that it’ll arrive in stores next week. Update: So much for that idea.

I’m not sure what time it closes today, but my poll on conventions and travel distance is still open. If you haven’t voted, please stop in and let me know the farthest you’ve traveled for a con.