Speed Reading: Prime, LEGO, Reborn

Some weekend linkblogging…


CBR is readying a new installment of its Geoff Johns Prime Q&A column. If you have a question for the Flash: Rebirth and Blackest Night writer, you can submit it through Monday at 5:00 PM PST.

CHIU-stream is holding a contest for original art by Francis Manapul, and will be interviewing the upcoming Flash artist on December 10.

Art Finds

Crimson Lightning is back from its Nanowrimo-imposed hiatus with a Foxtrot Flash Find.

Ulises Farinas draws a LEGO Blackest Night (via Robot6). Brickest night?

Augustine at Comic Bloc found a probable Flash reference in Ultimate Spider-Man.


Also at Comic Bloc, a discussion on the origin of Wednesday as new comics day.

I haven’t decided yet whether to put together a list of Blackest Night: The Flash #1 reviews. If I do, it’ll probably just be major sites and those that I follow, plus anything I stumble across. Searching does take time, even with Google Alerts.


1 thought on “Speed Reading: Prime, LEGO, Reborn

  1. Andrew

    A question I submitted (Green Lantern related) was selected the first time CBR did their Geoff Johns Prime Q&A, and I had a little ‘geek out’ moment reading his response. I’m going to try to think of another good enough question, but Flash related this time.

    Also really looking forward to the Francis Manapul interview.


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