Flash in the Top 500 & Blackest Night: The Flash Outsells Flash: Rebirth

Diamond has released its Top 500 comics for 2009, and Flash: Rebirth comes in at #16.

Other issues come in at:

Issue Rank (Year)
Flash: Rebirth #1 16
Flash: Rebirth #2 55
Flash: Rebirth #3 75
Blackest Night: The Flash #1 102
Flash: Rebirth #4 107
Flash: Rebirth #5 125

Meanwhile, ICv2 has posted sales estimates for December 2009. We already knew Blackest Night: The Flash #1 was ranked #5 for the month, and the actual sales estimate comes in at 80,313 copies sold. For comparison:

Issue Rank (Month) Units Sold Change
Flash: Rebirth #1 2 102,429 +286.6%
Flash: Rebirth #2 4 86,183 -15.9%
Flash: Rebirth #3 10 83,086 -3.6%
Flash: Rebirth #4 14 78,107 -6.0%
Flash: Rebirth #5 9 73,875 -5.4%
Blackest Night: The Flash #1 5 80,313 +8.7%

Yes: that’s right. Blackest Night: The Flash outsold the last two issues of Flash: Rebirth. Most likely one of two things is happening:

  • The Blackest Night brand is helping sales, bringing in readers who otherwise wouldn’t be reading a Flash solo book.
  • Flash fans who have gotten tired of waiting for Flash: Rebirth are picking up Blackest Night: Flash.

Probably both, though I wouldn’t try to guess which factor is more significant.

Update: The Beat has posted their analysis of DC’s December sales.


3 thoughts on “Flash in the Top 500 & Blackest Night: The Flash Outsells Flash: Rebirth

  1. EJ

    The Guys at Comic Chron released the actual final sales estimates for the top 500 comics of the year 2009 and it’s a very interesting read. The cool thing about this list is that it represents the closest we’ll get to knowing the actual number for each comic sold for the year something that only DC or Marvel themselves know.

    Anyways, one thing you’ll notice is that alot of comics got a boost of several thousand more copies than were reported. This is because they were able to look at all the sales numbers for the year and not just the top 300 comics list.

    As far as Flash Rebirth goes the here are the final actual sales numbers…

    16. Flash Rebirth 1-118,500
    55. Flash Rebirth 2-93,500
    75. Flash Rebirth 3-87,800
    107. Flash Rebirth 4-78,900
    125. Flash Rebirth 5 $2.99 DC 74,400

    You can check out their entire list here…


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