Speed Reading: Fan Art, Blackest Night & More

I’m mostly linkblogging via Twitter these days, and you can follow along at @SpeedForceOrg. Some highlights from the last few weeks include:

Fan Art

Blue Lantern Flash Custom Figure at The Green Lantern Corps Forum.

Death Race on Reality Prime by Dave Myers and Kurt Christenson.

Blackest Night: The Rogues by xanychaos at Comic Bloc.


Uncanny Comic Book Scans just finished a week of Flash posts featuring single pages from throughout Wally West’s run on the book.

Broken Frontier unearths the dead Rogues.

Bleeding Cool spots an error in Blackest Night: The Flash #2 – Barry Allen’s narration boxes feature the wrong Lantern Corps symbol!

Beyond the Flash

LiveScience: Humans Could Run 40 mph, in Theory (via Devin “The Flash” Johnson).

Perspective: schmevil reminds us all that Your fandom is not Fandom. (Via Comics Worth Reading).

Myth Adventures, Phil Foglio’s comic-book adaptation of Robert Asprin’s comedic fantasy novel, Another fine Myth, is now available online as a free webcomic. They’ve just started serializing it a page a day, three days a week.

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