Flash Legacy on Brave and the Bold

There’s been talk for a while of a “Flash Legacy” episode of Batman: Brave and the Bold. The main Flash on the show is Jay Garrick, who has appeared in at least two episodes: “Trials of the Demon” and “The Golden Age of Justice.” Kid Flash was notably absent from the recent “Sidekicks” episode, but producer James Tucker told the Aquaman Shrine that they have plans for Kid Flash “in the near future.”

In a comment thread on the show’s Facebook page a few days ago, producers confirmed that “Jay, Barry, and Wally will be featured in a upcoming episode that focuses on the Flash legacy.”

New episodes of the cartoon return in March.


4 thoughts on “Flash Legacy on Brave and the Bold

      1. Darren

        I *THINK* the Flash Episode is two weeks away on iTunes, but dont quote me… I wanna say that the “Chill in the Night” ep is next… schedule details are sketchy at best, even if spoilers are plentiful

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